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Galvanized Pipes & Tubes

Nakoda Steel Industry is a manufacturer and supplies Galvanized Pipes tubes in the USA. Comes with different types of standards. Subsequently, GI Pipes & Tubes supply by the Nakoda steel industry are produced in accordance with BS/IS/ASTM specifications.



Firstly Galvanied involves coating steel, iron or aluminum with a layer of zinc. After That Although various methods can be used to apply the zinc layer. Generally the most common method is hot-dip, or filling metal in a bath of molten zinc.

Above all As Hot-dip is usually prefere over other method because it produces a thicker, more durable zinc layer. Therefore Galvanize Pipes & Tubes are less expensive, so they are used for a wide range of application.

Galvanized Pipes and tubes Specification

Specifications  :     IS – 1239 (2004), Equivalent To BS – 1387 / 1985.
Finish of Pipe  :     Hot Dip Galvanized Pipes, Galvanized Pipes.
Size                    :     15 MM NB TI 150 NB MM (1/2”to 6”).
End                    :     Plain end / Bevel end AND Ends joint with flange.
Feature             :     Corrosion Resistant, High Toughness and Deform ability,
Surface Finish :     Galvanize.

Supply Pipes- Tubes

Yemen, Ecuador, Iran, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Africa, Denmark, Serbia, Turkey, Macau, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Romania, Spain, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Algeria

Importantly Gambia, Thailand, Kuwait, Finland, Norway, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, France, Australia, Oman, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, New Zealand, Bahrain, Mexico, Bhutan, South Korea, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Italy, Bolivia.

Exporter Of Pipes – Tubes  

Philippines, United States, Ukraine, Vietnam, Ireland, Bangladesh, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Libya, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Kenya, Croatia, Tibet, Egypt, Russia, Belarus, India, Qatar, Bulgaria.

Similarly United Kingdom, Venezuela, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Argentina, Slovakia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Lithuania, Czech Republic, China, Netherlands, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Poland, Ghana, Taiwan, Singapore. Belgium, Namibia, Estonia, Morocco, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Chile.